The Power of Gratitude and Praying Right

Dedicated to mahavatar kriya babaji, my guruji sh. Madabusi Subramaniam ji, my mother and all who contributed to my spiritual learning!

This is not the first time somebody is writing about this, there are tons of articles, books, videos, workshops and gurus available on this subject. But sometimes one doesn’t write to make money or garner fame, one writes to satisfy the deep urge & feelings towards a subject. Here it is, once more, in my words and style!

Most of us pray in the times of distress or as a routine ritual. I call the first one ‘inadequate‘ and the latter ‘mechanical‘ praying. We pray before an exam, before a result, before an interview etc. The typical way of distress / inadequate praying is ‘Please God, this one last time, I want this, pls pls pls God!’ Agree that there is lot of intensity but absolutely no consistency. On the other hand, typical mechanical praying lacks intensity & emotion, though there is consistency. And when the result is adverse, the typical reaction is ‘Why me God? What wrong did i do?’ 🙂

Do prayers really work? Yes, they do, when done the right way with sincerity. The world is made up of energy including us. There are types, levels, quality of energy. All our Gods, Goddesses, saints, whether real or mythological are intelligent energy centres. Our thoughts as energy attract similar thoughts, leading to similar results. With due respect to karmic cycle at play, there is a lot that can be improved by sincere use of free will, which includes ‘grateful, intensely emotional, consistent, positive praying and action’ thereafter.

Right way of praying has nothing to do with religion honestly, though vedas of Hinduism seem to be much more scientific and spiritual in nature. We actually pray to the intelligent divine energy and the energies move to help us if we do it right. The time it takes to fulfill what one prays for, depends on the complexity and bigness of what is wanted. To experiment, start small.  Let me give an example here : I couldn’t water my basil (tulsi) plant in hot summers for 2 days because of some reason. It dried up and i felt very sad on seeing it. I prayed fervently with all my might for next 3 days while watering it morning and evening. And bingo, new tiny leaves showed up next day!  🙂

Praying right begins with gratitude. However bad may somebody’s life be, there’s always something to be thankful for! Start the prayer by, ‘Thank you God for…’. One may thank the lord for food, money, things, love, job, success, intelligence etc etc. Anything! Gratitude opens up one’s own energy to positivity and makes one large hearted. Its the same as when you thank people, they smile and want to help you, give you more. Positive shall attract positive!

One can never deceive oneself and the energy. So, the gratitude expressed and rest of the prayer has to be heartfelt, sincere and intensely emotional.  Superficial praying without concentration won’t have desired effect. It takes a while to practice it, but not that difficult. Your throat may feel choked and eyes may water, the emotion can be that strong! Stronger the better, but real. It will be, once you have have faith in the power of praying!

Pray consistently and don’t pull different energies at the same time by praying for contradictory wishes. Patience pays! Hold on to what you want, you will attain it.

Pray positive, for negative thoughts will attract negative energies. Don’t think what you don’t want, don’t tell the energy what ‘not to do, don’t use future tense for what you want, use present continuous. Ex – ‘I am getting …..’.

You cant just pray and sit back. You have to undertake ‘action’ i.e. ‘make efforts’ in the direction of fulfillment of your wishes and what you prayed. In my above example, if i hadn’t watered the basil plant while praying, it wouldn’t have survived! (Don’t affect me those who will say that the plant was probably not completely dead and hence survived on watering, one day i’ll write a blog on ‘my experiments with praying right’ citing more examples) 🙂 My prayers that didn’t get fulfilled are the ones for which i didn’t make corresponding efforts! Laziness  & underestimating oneself are sins in a way.

So let me reveal how I prayed for my basil (tulsi) plant : Thank you God for granting me the resources to grow a tulsi plant in my home and providing me the understanding of praying to you for it, you know how much i love this plant, i  am very sorry i couldn’t water it, but i know with my efforts and your help, it is going to survive and grow new green leaves, i can see it all green. i really love you God for you are always helping me, i am leaving the responsibility of this on you and so glad n relieved that you are taking care of it. Thank you my lord! After this prayer, I visualized my basil plant with all green leaves and a white golden light helping, protecting it.

Of course, wishes have to be realistic. One can’t wish for moon to land in one’s balcony! (That could be possible too, but one needs to be highly advanced spiritually to accomplish that :))

For those born with silver spoon, or a less worrying temperament, not praying as much may not be a huge loss materialistically, nevertheless it will still help them further. But for the ones with (lets say) karmically obligatory lives, praying right with gratitude may prove to be a boon, and grant immense peace, happiness and contentment in their lives.

Its neither easy, nor for everybody, to believe in powers of spirit and energy, consider yourself lucky if you do! Happy praying friends! 🙂



7 thoughts on “The Power of Gratitude and Praying Right

  1. vijayaprabhaaggarwal says:

    V. Nice. A balanced write up between prayers n actions. Congrates. Go ahead. Positive action is very imp with prayers n planing for action. Prayers are continuous process inside our brain n heart even while we r sleeping eating doing some work for others or ourselves. That is — prayer and action go together at every moment of our life

    Liked by 1 person

  2. manish kumar says:

    very nicely written ji…thanks for sharing .honestly written from heart..didnt knew that you inclined towards these things..iam also inclined towards these things..

    Liked by 1 person

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