The Path of Spirituality and its relationship to Religion, Physical Body, Sex & ‘your right’ Guru

Disclaimer : These are absolutely my i.e. writer’s personal views and are not authenticated by any individual or any organization. The writer has written the below entirely on the basis of her experiences and reading.

Dedicated to mahavatar kriya babaji, my guruji sh. Madabusi Subramaniam ji, my mother and all who contributed to my spiritual learning!

And from red to violet,

I inch towards you lord,

A colossal journey this is,

To your golden silver abode!

Ooh, the matters of spirit! Westerners have been into one or the other form of spirituality mostly for tangible benefits like health, money, confidence, relationships, career etc. East has also been able to explore and achieve the higher and highest levels of spirituality, beyond tangible benefits. Obviously, the journey is not easy, may take lifetimes. It takes determination, use of free-will, astral influences, karma and finally efforts, to truly believe that energy as spirit exists. One may slip in and out of spiritual beliefs temporarily or even for a lifetime. Even if one succeeds to begin the journey, maintaining oneself on the path is a challenge. Soul trapped in human body can never be perfect, yet it is only possible to achieve the highest levels of happiness, awareness and knowledge through human form. Soul can’t achieve a superior level by itself without a human form. Such is the magic of brilliant supreme energy!

Spirituality has many levels, every level has a huge and wide range of experiences. There is a plethora of methods, beliefs, gurus and experiences cited; making the real thing yet more enigmatic and lesser known. And still, whoever begins, experiences something! 🙂 It is majorly the game of energy and tuning one’s mind, or rather switching off one’s mind as the level goes up.

There is no doubt about the fact that religion helps in making humans inquisitive about spirituality and the larger purpose of life. Hinduism (for once not considering the religions that evolved from hinduism) comes closest in pulling people into awareness of spirit and related experiences. Every stream or arm of hinduism; be it different deity worshipping, vedic yagyas or even atheism to certain extent; brings its own powers and benefits to people.

But religion has only so much to do with spirituality. Beyond a point, religion vanishes and appears very small in the vastness and void of spirituality. In my previous blog, i tried to explain how praying right is not exactly related to religion. Infact, the vedas of hinduism understand this and therefore there is provision for atheism. Also, there is no propagation of religious conversions, because it is absolutely possible to attain enlightenment (and the state of moksha & supreme happiness) by not following‘ or following ‘any‘ religion.

The biggest hindrance in the path of spirituality  is our ‘senses’. Learning the art of enjoying the world through our senses with ‘detachment’ and ‘duty’ is not easy (I personally still have a long way to go). 🙂

Treading the spiritual path without guidance & control can cause as much harm as it can bring benefits & awareness. It can cause energy imbalances, delusions, superstitions etc etc. (One day I am going to write on my personal experiences of energy). Don’t we see so many ‘God-men’ of different religions deflecting / erring on their spiritual paths? Of course, many are corrupt to begin with, corruption is everywhere! But what makes the genuine ones to err, in forms of ego outbursts, sexual escapades, illegal financial deals etc. Sometimes, people just fall sick on starting meditation.That is the directionless filling of energies without removing the negative energy first (I know this sounds like fiction, but it isn’t). Of course, karma and shortcomings of personal nature affect too.

Initially, I used to get amazed & shocked by the number of God-men pledging or claiming celibacy or minimum sexual life and then succumbing to human carnal desires. Now I know the reasons… as one starts to meditate and /or follow other healing methods, personal energy begins to change. It is important to begin with basics. Many of us do not take care to clean ourselves of negative energies from time to time while practicing healing & meditation. That’s very bad for physical health, may cause cold, cough, chest congestion, stomach upsets, back aches, feeling of choking, hot or cold flashes etc. Anyway, as we progress to more complex and longer meditation time, or practice spiritual healing; our chakras become more vibrant and active. Our lowest chakra (the root chakra) carries the kundalini, and keeps us connected to mother earth. Meditation causes awareness of present time, makes the blood flow better to all physical organs and chakras, and makes us mentally stronger too. And our physical bodies respond accordingly. For ex – some people feel very hungry after a meditation or healing session, some people cry or laugh without specific reasons etc. So, as kundalini is touched, the sexual urge increases. That is why, a lot of western energy healers recommend meditation and energy exercises for people with libido problems. For singles and celibates, they should seek guidance. There are many effective exercises to drive the basic energy to the upper chakras.

No wonder, the importance of ‘right guru’ is so stressed upon in spiritual world. Right guru makes the journey far easier and steers it in the right direction. Hundreds of questions crop up on a periodical basis, which can be only answered by one’s right guru or by own spiritual experience. Not every senior you meet on the spiritual path is ‘your’ guru. Many people come in life because of karmic influences, taking and providing help in life is a karmic give and take! So blessed one is, if one is guided by one’s own right guru!

Spiritual progression is all about  – knowing the truth, accepting (understanding) the truth, practicing (living by) the truth and finally, realizing the truth! (I think i am about to be done with the 2nd step) 🙂

Thank you for reading this article, happy progression! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Path of Spirituality and its relationship to Religion, Physical Body, Sex & ‘your right’ Guru

  1. Sid says:

    with meditation, the energy uplifts. the same energy that increases the sexual urge is responsible for creativity too. if that energy is uplifted using meditation, it gets manifested as creativity. if not, it gets transformed into sexuality. are you sure meditation increases sexual urge?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Sid says:

        oh ok. I have been practising meditation for quite some time now. I also usually take up advance meditation courses where in the sattva becomes so high that the sexual urges become nearly absent. I am not really sure if I am able to put my point in a way to be comprehended correctly, but this is what my limited scope and exp has told me. I would mention tantra but it is too widely misunderstood a subject so I wont go there. but is it something which is simila to it?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Garima Aggarwal says:

        Dont know the terms too much… i hv not really been meditating this year regularly.. but cud b.. if u meditate n tk up your energies to upper is possible to not feel the sexual urge.. u cud b right


  2. Anand K. says:

    Sw. Vivekanand somewhere (to a disciple) gives one explanation that sounds very logical.

    [ … During meditation, suppress the emotional side altogether. This is a great source of danger. Those that are very emotional no doubt have their Kundalini rushing quickly upwards, but it is as quick to come down as to go up. And when it does come down, it leaves the devotee in a state of utter ruin.

    … through a momentary impulse, that power is made to course upwards, but it is never enduring. On the contrary when it traces back its course, it rouses violent lust in the individual. Listening to my lectures in America, through temporary excitement many among the audience used to get into an ecstatic state, and some would even become motionless like statues. But on inquiry I afterwards found that many of them had an excess of the carnal instinct immediately after that state. But this happens simply owing to a lack of steady practice in meditation and concentration … ]

    I guess that’s why “meditation” is so lately mentioned as a ‘limb’ of Ashtanga-yoga, much after yama, niyama etc, that are supposed to make the bedrock firm.

    Easier said than done of course, and appropriately emphasized the need for “your right guru”. Long journey. Good article, with good & hopeful last words “happy progression”!

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