Astrology & My Observations On Sun Signs – Part 1

Disclaimer : I am not an astrologer. This article is an outcome of my personal observations of people based on Linda Goodman’s writings!

With the blessings of Mahavatar Kriya Babaji & my guru sh.Madabusi Subramaniam ji, I dedicate this article series to the late astrologer and poetess Linda Goodman, and her expressive style of writing! I relate to her style and have added it too in this writing. Check it out, Linda Goodman style! 🙂

A little bird came and sat,

next to a young girl on the patio,

The young girl looked into its eyes,

and said, ‘I think I know what you are!’

Astrology is an enigmatic science and an art too. It was born in east. Based on scientific calculations, it actually is an art (involving intuition) reading and deciphering those calculations.

Once somebody asked me, ‘how can all the people in the world be just of 12 types (sun signs)?’ Well, a valid question! We know that zodiac signs are 12, from Aries to Pisces. Now, lets just say that our solar system is kind of divided into these zodiac signs, based on measurements by astronomers (involves latitudes, longitudes etc). Whoever discovered and invented astrology must be an extraordinary genius of east. Now when a person is born, each of the planets, sun, moon, important stars & constellations etc were in a particular zodiac sign. So, imagine 9 planets plus sun, plus moon, plus ascendant (ascendant is the eastern horizon), multiplied by 12 zodiac signs multiplied by each combination…that’s running into thousands & thousands, and that’s the types of people! Now color these people differently on the basis of education, culture, religion, family background, genes, financial status, past life desires and karma etc etc.

Coming back to sun signs, it influences a person the most, and that’s why its popularity! Sun sign colors the personality the most and represents motivations, its almost like differentiating a south Indian from a north Indian (without knowing the name). Moon sign signifies emotional being, ascendant or the rising sign represents visible personality like way of walking, eating, speaking etc, it either complements or alters the personality.. and so on for all the planets & stars!

Basic knowledge of astrology helps us with better understanding of human beings, tolerance, improving our shortcomings and prepares us for the future.

Please note that planetary influences can be overcome to certain extent by iron-strong willpower and pure love! It takes time but it’s possible!

Now I begin with my observations on characteristics of sun signs (based on Linda Goodman’s writings). It actually is good fun to practice recognizing the sun signs of historical personalities and celebrities.

Aries (The Ram)

I am an optimistic, innocently and honestly selfish baby, just born you see!’ 

A typical arian is usually confident and knows where he/she stands, unless weighed down or differentiated by a conflicting ascendant sign or various opposing planetary afflictions in the natal chart. Aries is a fire sign, signifying the first sign of the zodiac, i.e. the birth. Hence, a typical arian is like a fearless, hopeful, innocently selfish baby.

All fire signs are optimistic, if the ascendant sign is also a fire or air sign, it becomes easy to recognize them. That is because, air and fire have a natural affinity, they support each other.

Arians can be quite direct. They usually are never cruel, though their needs come first. Selfish enough? wait! But if you are his or her loved one, you will surely see him/her favoring & supporting you publicly more often than not. Good enough 🙂

Arians like to do a neat job but they aren’t overly curious and don’t delve into tiniest of details (unless they have a piscean ascendant :P). They are never extremely prejudiced, they like challenges and pursue success actively. Arians usually dont go out of the way to save more money, they like bigheartedness and comfort (if they can afford it).

Good enough to hold on to arians if they love you! What else does one want!

Kangana Ranaut is a good example of an arian celebrity.

Taurus (The Bull)

‘I would rather speak sparingly, what is the fun if everything has to be said!’ 

Sigh.. It takes a lot to bring out a taurean from his/her shell, unless they are extremely fond of you. This bull is a determined soul and much of the fire fighting is not seen outside. Taureans don’t thank easily and may be judgmental at times. They are the torch-bearers of self discipline and patience (yes they are).

Even when they are attracted to opposite sex, they won’t pursue the cause furiously. Taureans value their loved ones, and gifts too, infact all their possessions (they can be possessive too). You will never see an expensive gift or anything they value, lying shabbily in their houses / rooms. Isn’t it pleasant to see them make use of something you gifted them three years back? 🙂

Taureans are steady but can be stubborn. Earth sign you see, well rooted to the ground. The bulls seek security and provide it too if they value you. They are usually dependable too.

Taureans are quite homely, and open up better in familiar surroundings. All earth signs have a tendency to put on weight and so do bulls (unless they have a fire or air sign ascendant, not that all the fire and air sign people are slim, they may have earth ascendants too 🙂 ) That’s where their self discipline helps! They do need a lesson or two in expressing what they really mean.

Hold on to taureans for their sensibility and determination!

Madhuri Dixit is a good example of a taurean celebrity (though she is a lot like cancerian too).

Gemini (The Twins)

‘That’s not my problem if you see two people in one me!’ 

Woohoo! The quick, clever geminis, that’s the mercurial effect! Most geminis can easily manage the work of two people alone. They are brilliant and ambitious but can be caught with foot-in-mouth at times. They are magnificent hosts too.

Geminis can display opposing emotions in a jiffy and hence twins. Typical gemini appearance is thin and frail with big anxious eyes (unless a conflicting ascendant or planetary afflictions in natal chart). Geminis usually fill the surroundings with their nervous energy. They are usually not too conservative. Geminis are real doers and helpful too.

They may hide their real motives sometimes, and it may even happen unintentionally and subconsciously. They can be dominating and persuasive. Geminis can be indecisive till the last moment and can behave in a way opposite to their inner desires! (Yup, and pisceans also do that, lol).

They are restless souls with a lot of energy, they can do wonders with its proper channelization. They love to travel and boredom & confinement can really damage their inner beings.

Geminis have twin desires – at the same time, but they would know what they want if they would sit quietly and listen to their souls.

Hold on to geminis for their excitement and brilliance!

Kiran Bedi is a good example of a gemini celebrity (i guessed her sun sign correctly in a jiffy, think she may have a virgo ascendant).

*To be continued

So, the part 1 ends here, hope you enjoyed reading whatever little i had to offer. Thank you for the time! 🙂

One thought on “Astrology & My Observations On Sun Signs – Part 1

  1. Ramesh N Vinayak says:

    Being an Arian – I really enjoyed your description and most of it suits me..

    I somehow disagree on Kangana.. – she does not have too many traits of Arian.. Arians are highly committed to partners and never use others. She has been in and out of relationship very frequently and used each one of them to her career advantage..

    She is more stupid than brave and there has been no incidence of she supporting someone strongly in her industry..


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