A Liberal Living Room Discussion Among Members of Kapoor & Khan Families Over Name ‘Taimur’

Members of Kapoor and Khan families decide to meet over high tea to discuss over name ‘Taimur’ and dissipate the tension, after seeing the outrage on social media against the name. Sharmila Tagore (Begum Ayesha Sultana), Saif, Kareena, Randheer Kapoor, Babita, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu are the ones present.

Note : This is a satire on the how the liberal leftist families justify whatever they do, in spite of being known as example-setters. The real views of any of the ones named may be different, this is just a satirical representation of the overall liberal narrative.

Sharmila : Glad to see you all, little Taimur is excited to see all of you! The country seems to have no other issue than to discuss the little baby’s name..

Babita : I know, how cruel can people get. Anyway, doesn’t matter to all of us really, there’s always a cost to being a celebrity family. The baby is already famous! Right Kareena?

Kareena – Haha, mum, anyway Saif wanted an ‘old school’ name, he is quite a ‘historian’ u see..

Saif – Well, i think people are just going overboard. They got nothing to do really, what’s in a name anyway. I mean, this old king Taimurlane might have killed few hundred people, but then which king in the past hasn’t killed people. Didn’t all the kings of all religions keep fighting among each other? The Hindu states even fought with one another, but they just have to pin-point others!

Rishi – Hmm.. well, it’s really your choice, the choice of a child’s mom and dad. Just ignore the outrage. These are trolls.

Sharmila – Yes yes, just ignore. As if, if we keep the name Ganesha or Shiva, the child turns into a God. Haha, how superstitious can people get? Can’t even spare a baby of religious intolerance. And if at all, some person named Taimur was that bad, there must be good Taimurs also, and the child can’t just become an identical copy of the bad Taimur just coz of keeping the same name. Graceless people!

Randheer – First there was an outrage on Kareena converting for marriage, now an outrage on Taimur name. People just can’t leave the famous alone on anything.

Neetu – Of course, we can’t keep a name that is negative individually. We aren’t naming him a ‘thief’ or a ‘hopeless’ or a ‘murderer’. Taimur has a good meaning I think.

Saif – Oh yeah, Taimur means Iron. If Taimur was a tough king, we can’t help the fact. We can’t care about the Hindu majority’s Islamophobia here.  The meaning of the name in itself is good. So what that majority of this country is Hindu, only few behave intolerant, it’s also about freedom of choice to minorities you know. How can you stop anyone from keeping a name..

Kareena – I mean, we are not asking the child to grow up and kill all. lol. People think its even possible to influence culture in today’s world by just keeping one name. It’s been so ridiculously hurting. How can people even criticize just a name?

Babita – It doesn’t matter. Don’t bother. Nobody listens to their hateful versions of history. Just see, none of those hateful people have any power. These are petty issues. All people are same in God’s eyes. They all need to come out of their spiritual poverty. It’s really your choice beta.

Sharmila – Awww, Taimur has woken up. See, who all have come to meet u!

While Randheer ‘रणधीर’ picks up Tamiur for a hug, Rishi ‘ऋषि’ joyously looks on and calls out ‘God Bless You Taimur’. Babita has brought a golden cross to gift the baby, while Kareena is busy picking up child’s belongings. Both Ayesha Sultana and Saif are smiling with twinkling eyes. A thousand ironies seem to die at this very moment, in the land of Hindustan!

PS : For many leftist liberals, these dialogues above will make complete sense and shall not serve as a satire. Thanks.






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