Sadhvi Munishwar Giri molested by Gram Head Intzaar Hussain (In January 2018)

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A school principal Sadhvi Munishwar Giri has alleged that she has been molested by Gram Head Intzaar Hussain. In a series of tweets by a twitter user named Garima Aggarwal, she mentioned the horific tragedy and the pain Sadhvi Muneeshwar Giri is going through.

‘Had no plans to login n tweet this soon. My urgent plea to @myogiadityanath ji, @CMOfficeUP– sir, this sadhvi, muneeshwar giri ji, from moradabad, who is also a principal of a school n a sanyasin from last 20 years, has been molested by gram head intzaar hussain +   ‘

— Garima (@agg_garima) January 7, 2018

Garima has tweeted that Moradabad being a Muslim Majority Area, Sadhvi Munishwar Giri has been threatened to be killed.

The series of tweets also questions the security of Sadhvi Munishwar Giri.

The UP Moradabad Police has also registered a complaint.



उक्त सम्बन्ध में थाना भोजपुर पर दिनांक 26-12-2017 को मु0अ0सं0 570/17 धारा 354 भादवि बनाम इंतजार हुसैन पंजीकृत किया जा चुका है, जो विवेचनाधीन है।

Hopefully law takes it charges and Sadhvi Munishwar Giri is freed from the tourcher she is facing. If the allegations in the tweets are found true, the culprits should be published.


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