Murder Attempt On Gau Rakshaks In Maharashtra, Taken To Dargah & Strangulated – (Aug 2017)

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Day before yesterday, two gau rakshaks (cow protection volunteers) were severely beaten by cattle smugglers/ Muslim mob in Nalasopara (West) in Maharashtra. They belong to Bhartiya Gauvansh Rakshan & Samvardhan Parishad. The mob took them to a nearby dargah and tried to strangulate them. The incident happened as follows (as told to us) :

These volunteers got a tip off regarding a vehicle that was carrying beef / cows illegally. They went to the police station in Nalasopara (West) to get police help, the police told them to go ahead and give a call if they see the vehicle. Soon, they saw the vehicle and tried to stop it by placing a police barricade ( lying nearby) on the road. Two volunteers Rajesh Dinanath Pal and Appu Gupta were in the front, ahead of others. The vehicle stopped and a man got down. The volunteers told the man that the police was coming and he needs to wait. On hearing this, more men got down from the vehicle and started beating both the volunteers. In the meantime, people started collected around, there is a large Muslim population in Nalasopara West and most of the people collected turned into a mob. One of the persons shouted ‘this is gau rakshak rajesh pal’. The men from the vehicle turned furious on hearing it and took Rajesh and Appu to a dargah in Vaza Mohalla.

All this happened very quickly and by the time other volunteers reached the exact spot, the men had already left taking Rajesh & Appu along. Volunteers made frantic calls to the police. In the dargah, Rajesh and Appu were beaten severely,  Rajesh was kicked many times in the stomach and finally they tried to strangulate him. No weapons were used. When Rajesh was losing consciousness, the police arrived and saved them. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment. Most of the injuries suffered by them are internal.

Rajesh recovering from internal injuries in hospital


Rajesh is being supported by other gau rakshaks and Hindu organizations in the area

An FIR has been filed and the police has also arrested one person. Funnily, one FIR has also been filed on Rajesh Pal, the police came and told him in the hospital and asked him if he would like to take a bail from hospital or from the court. As per the volunteers, the police is not co-operating as much. As per the gau rakshaks, the laxity of police is evident in this case, the whole incident could have been avoided if the police had proactively pursued the case since the beginning.

Couple of weeks ago, another gau rakshak from their team, Ashok Choudhary was attacked when he was trying to stop a vehicle carrying cattle illegally.

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