‘Vedic Counselling Connects Ordinary Life To Higher Awareness Like Moksha, Karma Yoga’ – Dr David Frawley, Must listen –

First published at hindupost.in

In this half an hour of interview, Vamadeva ji explains various things regarding his recent book ‘Vedic Counselling’ and related aspects of Astrology, Mantras and Ayurveda : 


The summary of the interview is as follows (however, we recommend listening to this 30 minutes of talk with him, as he explains these concepts beautifully and in far more detail than mentioned below) : 

Vamadeva ji explains the concept of ‘Vedic Counselling’ as the broader field of life guidance based on Vedic thought. It is the recommendations for Dharmic living, Satvik living. It includes various aspects like Ayurveda, Vastu, Astrology etc. The modern disciplines often lack the deeper Dharmic vision of life. He says that we need to understand that the Vedic thought addresses the whole of life, Vedic counselling is for right living, rejuvenation, optimizing your life and also connecting ordinary life to higher awareness like Moksha, Karma Yoga. It integrates human beings with nature and universe as a consciousness.

Then talking about Mantras, he says that everything in this universe consists of vibrations, a human body and mind consist of vibrations. The main fact behind the mind is sound, words, ideas … Mantras bring harmony, attention and better awareness in the mind gradually. They take our vibrations to higher level. Vamadeva ji says that the main problem we have in life is a scattered mind. Our mind is not focused, so mantra helps us to bring more focus into life. Gradually, one can make better decisions as there is a greater light within the mind and clearing up of deep seated blockages, traumas etc. Guru, astrologer and senior people can help in identifying the right mantras for an individual.

Then Vamadeva ji explains how Ayurvedic treatments provide holistic healing, he responds to this widespread notion that Ayurvedic treatment and prescriptions are rather difficult to follow as they have various restrictions. He says that Ayurveda teaches you that you are responsible for your own health. It doesn’t make you dependent on medicines, the restrictions are basically because of the Doshas. Ayurveda has much deeper understanding on how different foods affect us physically and even psychologically.

On our question on Vedic Astrology, Vamadeva ji explains that most astrology in Bharat is vedic astrology, Jyotisha. There could be slight differences between Vedic and western astrology, like western astrology judges your Sun Sign by equinoxes and not by stars. Also, there are slight differences in interpretations. One of the criticisms of western astrology is that the signs are not astronomical. They reflect the Zodiac of 2000-1500 years ago. Vamadeva ji says that there are some very good Vedic astrologers in Bharat, but you also have people who use astrology for other purposes. Astrology is for life guidance. Its not a black and white thing. But it is a very important system of a great value for understanding our life. He says that as human beings, we must face our karma. The notion that ‘no suffering should come to me’ is not right. Because suffering also helps us to grow and gives us more strength.

On the question that many modern urban people don’t believe much in astrology today, Vamadeva ji responds that modern people like to be scientific and not superstitions, but scientists’ belief that material world is the only reality is quite superstitious…. Its taken by Maya.  Even modern science now says that this world is an illusion, it is made up of sub atomic particles moving here and there, there is really no matter… In future, we will see more validity of the vedic teachings!


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