My talk with a DU student doing MA (Pol Sci) on ‘Women on Social Media, Politics & Hindutva’

The below mentioned audio link is a long interview of mine by a student of Delhi University for her dissertation project on ‘Women on Social Media, Politics & Hindutva’. The interviewer is currently doing her MA in political science from DU. This talk is approximately 6 months old from today’s date.

(Regret the poor quality of recording). Below are pointers to what’s in the audio –

0 to 55 mins – Participation & abuse of women on social media, BJP ministers vs leftist liberals, safety of women, issues like Reuters Report mentioning India as least safe for women, SM abuse post 2014 etc.

55 to 1.24 mins – comparative reporting in mainstream media / media biases in terms of ideology, gauraksha, cattle smuggling, lack of data backed reporting in left-lib leaning media, parameters to judge professional reporting, issues like sadhvi pragya, mewat beef biryani etc.

1.24 to 1.27 mins – response to the claim that left-lib are abused more.

1.27 to 2.08 mins – Hindutva, response to the claim that Hindutva is anti-women & regressive, dharma & Ram rajya, issues of gender ‘equality’, Islamic rule, role of Muslim & Christian women in India’s progress, the concept of Devi, examples of news explaining biases of mainstream media against Hindus.




4 thoughts on “My talk with a DU student doing MA (Pol Sci) on ‘Women on Social Media, Politics & Hindutva’

  1. Veena says:

    As long as we have English-medium in primary schools, we will be raising generations who are intolerant to their own countrymen, to their own society and its culture.

    No need to touch higher education. Bring back vernacular-medium at primary school level and these forces will be greatly weakened.

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